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  • "I couldn't wait to implement the 9WeekNutrients system in my greenhouse. The steps are clearly mapped out and worry-free. I was particularly impressed with the expertise of the company."
    Amanda Z. | Athens, GA
  • "Before I discovered 9 Week Nutrients I struggled to find the right soil balance for my plants. The simple 9 Week program was not only easy to implement following the clear directions, it took the guesswork out of what to do each week."
    Samantha R. | La Jolla, CA
  • "I actually have a green thumb now; maybe even 5 fingers! The ease of use of 9 Week Nutrients is fantastic. It's all mapped out for me ahead of time. Starting with the Veg Growth, on up to Week 9. Simple."
    Karen C. | Raleigh, NC

About Us

"Less is More" | 9 Week Nutrients was founded by professionals with over 15 years’ of hands on experience in the indoor and greenhouse hydroponic industry. Since its inception 9 Week Nutrients has had one common goal, to provide its customers with solutions to work more efficiently and economically, while achieving greater results than the competition.

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Our Products

9wn_Veg_A_1-2gallon-scale-mini-2 VEG - A&B. Fast acting VEGETATIVE growth nutrient. Designed to shorten your vegetative growth period, build a stronger root base, and thicken leaves and stems. Formulated to maximize plant Health to endure months of carrying a heavy yields.

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Mineral Nutrition & Plant Disease

"The use of chemicals on plants raises environmental and food safety concerns, as well as creates economical consequences. The good news is that, when it comes to plant disease, there are more natural and proactive measures able to be taken. One of these is keeping up on mineral nutrition."

Detailed Directions for Use

1. Prep medium as per manufactures specifications We highly recommend using “Growdan” brand rockwool due to its use in all of our product development. Its unique fiber pattern tends to facilitate the appropriate air to solution ratio while being drip fed multiple times daily. 2. Irrigation Requirements Our application rates are based on multiple daily […]

Tap Water & Hydro Products

“There’s no point in feeding your garden expensive nutrients if the stuff in your tap water is keeping the plants from absorbing them…Water is the basis of any hydroponics set-up. Nutrients and supplements are added to the water, which they mix with and change. Water and the various elements found in it also have an […]